The fact that more than 1000 musicians from every corner of the earth will be coming to Brussels for an artistic rendering in commemoration of the war is a powerful symbol. It offers much hope for the world. But what about after the concert? Anthony Heidweiller, artistic coordinator:

“I truly hope that it will be more than a one-off ‘incident’. I see a lot of enthusiasm. The students from the Koninklijk Atheneum of Koekelberg come to mind, for instance.”

Heidweiller led two intensive singing workshops in that school in spring. His infectious enthusiasm caught on and about 80 young people signed up. Even though they had never sung or listened to ‘classical music’, they wanted to be part of ‘1,000 Voices for Peace’. It was only a small step, then, to start their own choir. And it was given the telling name ‘Colom’, pigeon in Catalan. This new choir is like a cross-section of the Brussels population: young people from diverse backgrounds are singing together and in that way symbolise living together and the hopeful dream of a (more) harmonious future.

Furthermore, the project also pays attention to the environmental aspect of sustainability. To that end, ‘1000 Voice for Peace’ is working together with Biofresh, an important player in food distribution. Renaat Daem from Biofresh:

“An ambitious event like this one, where thousands of people from all over the world work together to impart a powerful message of peace, is important to us. We’ll be providing a delicious, healthy meal for all choir members at the Brussels-based organic farm Ferme Nos Pilifs. I can truly say that, no matter how modest, this is an ‘action of organic solidarity’. Just like these musicians we strive for a better future in which health, the environment, consideration and fairness are key.”

With special thanks to the partners Biofresh, La Ferme Nos Pilifs, Biscovit, Pur Natur, Bellona patis, Dobio, Certisys, BioForum, Vredeseilanden as well as to everyone who has been working quietly behind the scenes and who are inconspicuously doing all this beautiful work.

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