1000 Voices for Peace: Fellowship concert at Vorst Laakdal

Laakdal ontmoet Hongarije2

1000 Voices for Peace is the fellowship of 22 Belgian choirs and 17 choirs from all over the world, from countries which were involved in the Great War. Together they make up 1,000 voices that seek to carry a clear message of peace. 1000 Voices for Peace is the Flanders Festival Brussels’ contribution to the Great War commemorations.

The Youth Choir Villanella (in association with Villa Cantando) subscribes to this ardent plea for peace and welcomes the  Lautitia Choir from Hungary. On 5 November 2014, they will perform a best-of from their repertoire during a fellow concert at the St.Nicolas’ Church (Vorst Laakdal).

Across all borders: music moves us and draws us closer together.
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