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One week later the librarian found nothing else than a mess of broken pillars and stones, charred beams, wherein ten thousand books were smoldering. Through the abandoned streets flew half burned pages up to the meadows outside the city”

[translated from “De Groote Oorlog”].

The idea that the same terrible scenes would happen in our university city would be unthinkable. Each student from Leuven likes to learn some wisdom during their student time from the books from the university library, who was completely destroyed during World War I. Not only the stories from Leuven were horrific, all across the world innocent people were involved.

From ‘Vrede’, Leo Vroman

 “Kom vanavond met verhalen
hoe de oorlog is verdwenen,
en herhaal ze honderd malen:
alle malen zal ik wenen.”

Even after 100 years these soothing words are still at its place. We are looking forward to be a part of a bigger whole, existing from choirs all over the world. Together we stand stronger! With our participation to 1000 Voices for peace, we would like to send out a peaceful message into the world.


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