Lautitia Choir (Hungary)

Lautitia Ifjúsági Vegyeskar

Lautitia Ifjúsági Vegyeskar  was founded in 2008. The motivation was to collect all the music lover children after leaving their elementary school.  They could sing in the same old environment what they got used to. First they spent many times in workshops. They also gave smaller concerts to develop their eligibility.


Recently they have wished for greater challenges. After regular rehearsals and preparation they achieved their formal standards like in Children’s Choir previously.

In the last few  years they got several awards:

  • 2009 – National Common Singing Competition – emphasised gold qualification
  • 2010 – Choir of The Year Award
  • 2011 – National Certificate of Merit
  • 2011 – XIII. International Choir Competition in Budapest – 5th prize
  • 2011  - I. Youth Choir World Championship – 4th prize
  • 2012 – Participation in Donaufest in Ulm

In November they got  an incredible honour on Kodály Zoltán VI. Hungarian Choir Competition. In Youth Choirs Cathegory they  won first prize with 95.5 point and they also got the Grand Prix of the competition. In addition they got a surcharge of Kardos Pál Foundation for clear intonation and unwordly performance. Nemes József got Lantos Rezső surcharge for the second time.

2013 on  the  XIV. International Choir Competition in Budapest they won second prize in Youth Choirs Cathegory.

At last, they participated at the 1st European Choir Games where they got an opportunity to sing at the opening of the program and they also won their cathegory.

As a young group their principal cohesion is the fondness of music and the respect and love on each other.


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