Female Choir BALTA (Latvia)

Sieviesu koris BALTA foto

We, the choir BALTA from Latvia, are proud to participate and represent our country in the project 1000 Voices for Peace. Singing has always been an integral part of our culture through the centuries, it has helped overcome wars and maintain a very important trait within us called humanity.
We have experienced the incredible power and energy that singing together creates, because every five years the traditional Latvian Song Festival unites more than 13,000 singers in one melody, on one stage.

BALTA in 1000 Voices for Peace
Through singing we can promote peace more effectively than through speaking because music has a great power to change the way we think and even act.
This is a great opportunity to sing with choirs from other countries, together in one melody, in harmony for peace. This is a wonderful chance to make the world at least a bit better.
Peace is encoded in the name of our choir. Balta means White, the color of Peace!


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