Chamber Choir Furiant (Ghent)


Furiant feels very honoured to participate in 1,000 voices. Making music together is one of our main purposes.

The chamber choir was founded in September 1995 by Steve De Veirman. Together with the orchestra “Forza Muzica”, the children’s choir “Furiosa” and the young adult choir “Furiakanti”, we belong to the Arte Musicale non-profit association. The association has since grown to about 160 members. Among our members are brothers, sisters, partners, friends, and so on. We are therefore very happy to be able to share the power of making music together with others.

To us, 1,000 Voices for Peace is not only about commemorating the Great War, we also hope to offer consolation to people who are experiencing hardship in this time and age.

1,000 Voices is an opportunity to make music together with other countries and to make our joint message clear to the world.


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